This blog is mainly for collecting together interesting resources about Permaculture, Gardening, Computing and Preparedness. I seem to spend most of my time thinking about these topics so I may as well formalise some thoughts on them as I go.

I don’t think that the planet is capable of feeding and watering its rapidly growing population. Something is going to snap. It may not be next Tuesday, just after lunchtime. It may not be next year or the year after, but soon there is going to be a massive change. This change (or changes) are going to disrupt the systems which have been set up to allow so many people to exist on the planet at the same time. When systems fail, people die. If you depend on these systems, you are at risk

I believe that the best way to be prepared for this change is to be disconnected from the systems. This is not something that you can do all at once by running to the hills and living like a hermit; it is best done gradually. The systems that you can and should disconnect from are:

  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Financial
Once you have disconnected from the systems, you should be able to carry on with your lifestyle without much change in the event of The Big One.

The name for this site comes from this posting on the excellent GENOMICON blog by the excellent Nick Taylor. As soon as I read the words I thought “Yeah… That’s pretty much how I think”


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