Predator Pressure

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Gardening

Last week we had a visitor in the garden, a thrush, probably from this year’s hatch. This is very odd as we have two cats and our neighbors appear to have about twenty between them. Birds sometimes show up but often only in bits…

This little bird has come back several times which is very positive. This year has been a bit of a slugfest which I totally blame on our two moggies, cute and fluffy though they are. The equations go something like this: birds eat insects, cats eat birds, insects eat yummy veg. If the cats scare away the birds, the insects run riot with no direct predators.

I’m hoing this isn’t an isolated incident and my little birdy friend sticks around. A bit of predator pressure won’t go amiss. I may put out a bird feeder but it feels a bit like inviting the birds to the slaughter.


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